Piety Street Market- Friends, Fun, Vintage Fashions

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Tre and I loaded up the Ford and ventured south with this ‘ol thing vintage to the great city of New Orleans for the Piety Street Market. 

The car made it and once we got to our dwelling in the Irish Channel we ubered into town and our uber driver was non other than the Soul Glo guy from Coming to America! There was no turning back!!!

Super cool earrings I got at the market! We will see you next month New Orleans!


folk artist RA, musician Alex Henderson- October First Friday

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Folk Artist RA graced the store with his recycled and upcycled necklaces while singer songwriter Alex Henderson kept with the theme of reusing items as he recorded and looped his sounds for his songs!


folk artist RA, musician Alex Henderson- October First Friday

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Folk Artist RA graced the store with his recycled and upcycled necklaces while singer songwriter Alex Henderson kept with the theme of reusing items as he recorded and looped his sounds for his songs!


Hear more of Alex on his soundcloud account

And come in and shop RA’s necklaces!!!

xo Jamie



Joell Regal / Neel Alexander #FirstFriday Sept. 2016

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We had (finally!) a beautiful mild night and Joell Regal sang us all into a lull with her beautiful prose and guitar. 

“The show Working Process is a form of open studio viewing. The viewer will be seeing where ideas begin to meet a creative process but have not yet found thier finished states.” Neel Alexander.

See more of Joell Regal on her you tube channel

Follow her and Neel (buzzspill) on Instagram!
XO jamie

Reupholstered, Flocked, Fun!

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This weekend I went to visit my friends home in Greensboro! I was pleased to find the love seats we had Reupholstered a few years ago! I was also pleased to find flocked gold wallpaper!!!

Bringing Reupholstery to Birmingham 

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Willie and have decided to expand our Reupholstery business! You can find us in Vestavia Hills at Interiors and Antiques! We are located down stairs to the the right!  



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you can now access my blog from my website


Kentuck, Kent, and kindred spirits!

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Last weekend was the 40th Kentuck Festival of the arts in Northport Alabama. As some of you know I am on the festival steering committee as the party thrower! I have the fun job of organizing the parties for our wonderful patrons and our beloved artists!!! This year I had the pleasure of working with the Black Belt Bamboost who decorated our courtyard along with Lewis Bamboo who donated all of the bamboo. My favorite friend Lee Wilson helped me decorate during the day on Friday as Marcy from the BBB put in the lighted bamboo poles.

Lighted Bamboo Poles

For the evening I had my best friends Cristalle and Brittany serve wine to the patrons as Marcy did double duty and take wine to everyone on a tray. I was opening wines all night long so much that we broke the wine opener!!! The patrons ate and listened to music by The Voodoo Saints. I thought that maybe my two friends were going to help with the artist party the next night but they made it clear they were exhausted!!! Understandable so!
Earlier in the evening as we were finishing up at the courtyard waiting for guests to arrive, Hunter dropped off some ice and then helped Mr. O.L. Samuels get to the park. O.L didn’t get to Northport til 5! He and his wife Gladys drove up that day from Tallahassee. Hunter got his art work to the park and got them settled into their hotel. The next day Hunter got up and drove to their hotel and made sure they got to the park on time. By the time Hunter got the “walls” down on Mr. Samuels tent, he was swarmed with well wishers and collectors thanking him for making the trip to Alabama.
For the artist party Lee helped along with another one of my best friends and his sister Steffani! aka Steffers. My main concern was icing the beer down so as I did that they re-set the tables and made sure all the candles were lit. The artists ate food catered by The Cypress Inn whose catering is class act!

Cypress Inn Catering Artist Party (notice the long line!!!)

They danced to the Red Mountain Family band and they ALMOST drank all the beer.

Red Mountain Family Band

Jennifer at Spirits Wine in Tuscaloosa furnished the alcohol for both parties and nailed it right on the head. What can I say? She’s good! I was worried that the artists were going to get mega cranky waiting in line for the kibbles but by some divine intervention Jan our director came up and handed us a box full of sausage biscuits so Steffers and Lee biscuited the waiting crowd!

A Family Act! Brother and Sister Lee and Steffani Biscuit the hungry crowd!

Meanwhile back at the ranch my friend and very very talented artist Kent Ambler was staying at my house. It turns out he is also a dog whisperer so he was fine sitting at the house for those few hours he wasn’t working at the festival selling his art just hanging out with the pups! If you didn’t get a chance to see him or his art work, I have got a few new things from the man himself so stop in and see his work!!!

I just want to thank one more time all the people who come out and support the festival every year. I want to thank Black Belt Bamboost and Lewis Bamboo! Marcy for being so particular and professional! Her design of the bamboo just brought the courtyard to life! My favorite volunteers, Lee Charles, Steffani Clemons, Brittany Caffiero, Cristalle Ford and Hunter Rayfield. I want to thank Valerie for asking me to volunteer three years ago!!! If it wasn’t for her then I wouldn’t get to have so much fun or be so tired for 72 hours! It was a real honor to meet and talk to Mr. Samuels and his wife. And I always remember why I love Kent’s art so much and what a great down to earth guy he is everytime he’s here. Thanks for reading my blog- please support the arts! Remember Alon Wingard has work in my gallery all month long!
And if you’re in DePalma’s you may have the great fortune to read a wine bottle that reads: WE HELPED OL SAMUELS AND HIS WIFE GLADYS ALL WEEKEND LONG AND LOVED IT!! KENTUCK 2011. HUNTER, JAMIE, STEFFANI, LEE, BRIT, CRISTALLE


Tuscaloosa Food Summit

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First pannel of the day-
Food Banks Food Security Food Banks.
Canterbury Church.  Come by!

Artist Alon Wingard

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Come see Alon’s work in our gallery!