It’s freezing here

January 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

The highs are in the 30’s. Yes I can all see you playing the worlds smallest violin. Especially where the highs are in the teens or zeros but there is a reason I live in the South, one of the being a mild, hot climate. Yes, this hothouse flower is already counting down the days til she retires in a warmer climate and can wear flowered shirts and blueblockers all year long. Until that happens here are some photos of the January Store! It’s always 70 degrees in here and cheery!

The wellthatscool gang is helping raise money for the Darius goes west Foundation all month long! I know this Friday they will be at the Gray Lady with their piggy banks drinking Gray Lady beers, $2.00 Coors light and $2.00 High Gravities from 9 until. . .  There is four people participating and for every $50.00 they raise they must eat a spoonful of wasabi!!! They will be raising money until the end of the month where they will tally up the money for the big party at little willies.  For more info and to donate go to

One of my good friends and vendors Kristi Jo (a cup of jo) is moving 😦 Everyone wish her luck, happiness and continued success! And don’t worry, she promises to keep sending me her vintage inspired jewelry and vintage finds!

I hope everyone has a great week!



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