Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy

January 25, 2011 § 1 Comment

Today is my birthday for those of you who didn’t know.  I promise to keep this blog short because I like to blog about the store and not really myself, yet on this day I will waver from my rule on blogging. First off I’m 33. For those of you who think that is old. Just wait, you’ll be this age one day.  I’m far to young to compare myself to a fine wine, in the scheme of things i’m still around Boons Farm.

After graduating from college I had the great fortune of working for Yvonne LaFleur in New Orleans. Her eponymous boutique has been in New Orleans for as long as I can remember and remember I’m 33.  Being an idiot 22 year old when I worked there I learned a lot. More than any classroom.  Her sense of style and ideas on art and life style have outlived hurricanes, malls, and the countless children that she has blessed the earth with.  One thing that she always said to me in her perfect New Orleans accent  was, “don’t ever lie about your age.”  She would then throw her head back and laugh. “I tell people my age all the time and they don’t believe it!” Which was true.  She has perfect porcelin skin.  And she was right. Why lie about your age? Embrace it!  God knows living in a college town I’m surrounded by younger girls but I must say, experience is everything.

I look forward to another year of learning, laughing and of course the tears.   On this day I am thankful for all my girlfriends that I’ve had throughout the years, some are mommies now, some are still in school, some are married some are not. Some of them  (two) live in Los Angeles and love life. Some are fabulous like Shayne Mackey, still jumping horses.  All of you have taught me many things about being a lady, HAVING FUN  and embracing the person I am becoming. Many thanks of course to Yvonne who put up with me.  I hope I do her justice in the way that I run my business and relate to people through my art.

I mean who cares about getting older? Especially if you live in New Orleans?!?

Hugs and kisses and for all of you throughout the year, Warmest Birthday Wishes!



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