I feel the sun creeping up like, tick-tok

February 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Has spring sprung? Yes and no. Yes because of the boootiful weather and no because it usually freezes one more time before Easter. But the sun is definetly creeping up on us like Mike Posner suggests in his song baby please don’t go.  And while I don’t want them to go Will Holman’s show is about to go come March!  He brought in STOP sign bowls that are re-tailing for $95.  Very fun, Very original, and Very functional art!

Window At Grace Aberdean with work by Will Holman

Bench by Will Holman

Coffee Table, bowl, bench, light- Will Holman

Also I was just informed that all jewelry by This ‘ol thing IS HALF PRICE til the end of the month.  The  greatest thing about vintage jewelry – It’s always in style!!! It’s vintage!!!   Take advantage of the sale and be the belle of the ball!

Mix and match with accessories by Clever Gretel, IAMTHEMANDY, and a cup of jo.  Wear them all and you can be your own girl gang.

On a personal note I would like to put out in the blog world that one of my best friend’s mom has decided she is tired of fighting cancer.  I’m glad that Barbara Alread was able to watch me grow from  19 years old.  Her laughter and jokes will always be told. I’m very happy that I felt the love from my Big Urn, and I will always be lil’ Urn.

AND. . . .on a brighter note! We celebrated LISA BAGBY’S BIRTHDAY this monday with a surprise party of course! (Thanks Ham)  You can support her in her effort to raise money to FIGHT AUTISM at this link…


Support TEAM MILO!!!

And if walking makes you hungry check out some healthy recipes by Matthew Lawerence at,


Know you are loved!!!

hugs and high fives,



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