Introducing, “American Grass.”

March 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

This term was coined just last Friday when the band, Hale County Music Company apologized to me as they set up their gear in the store.  “Jamie, we’re not actually a blue grass band.” Mark said.

“Oh no!” I replied.  “Are you mad?” asked Mark.  “No! Not at all!” I said, “are you mad at me for misrepresenting you?”  Mark laughed and said no. “What kind of band are you? I asked. “Welllllll we’re not sure.  We’re sorta blue grass and some punk influences, American rock, a little. . . .” he trailed off.  “You’re American Grass!” I replied.  And after listening to the trio, I believe they are. They sound rockabilly with a banjo with a little stadium rock. Not too heavy on the stadium rock but the sound is purely homegrown american influences which brings us to American Grass Music.

American Grass Band, Hale County Music Company

So neeeeeless to say our March First Friday was a smash hit! It didn’t come with out some drama of course.  I am sad to say that Patricia Davis’s grandmother passed away making her unable to be the March solo artist. So we made it a group show!  MFA photographer Bruce Henry, and artists Liz Weustefeld and Mary Tubbs jumped in and help interpret the show theme, revisiting.

Bruce Henry, Simulation #3

Dan O’Hara brought down some coasters for your home. Staying with the industrial theme and upcyling, these little gems are made from street signs of course! Hale Co. knows how to upcycle street signs in the most divine way!


Dan O'Hara's upcycled coasters




I’m also happy to report that Soapy Jones has dropped off some of the ridiculously lush Lefthand soaps from the lefthand soap company! She has given me a sampling includin the very new, (I’m the first to get it) Wellthat’ soap made with beer!!! So if you can’t be in the studio with the wellthat’scool guys, you can at least smell like you were there!

Naturally made soaps by The LeftHand Soap

Hours at the store this week will be very short. I’ll be open on Tuesday. Wednesday – Sunday I will be going to Atlanta to participate in the Scott Antique Market! Wish me luck! Of course you’ll be the first to know how it goes!  Be sure to check out more photos from our March First Friday on Facebook!

I’m sorry I didn’t make it out to Bebe’s class to see all your wonderful outfits you guys made for your midterm! I’m sure they were fabulous!!! Also I got some press in the Crimson White last Friday.  I would like to thank Ashley for taking the time to come and interview me and to check out the store! Roll Tide!  Of course keep up with my pal IAMTHEMANDY on her website too.

One last thing I would like to wish my beau the happiest of birthday’s today.  The world is a better place because he is in it.  And because you guys are in it too!!!

Hugs and High Fives!!!










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