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This show came about when Patricia Davis decided to re-visit the art work she had created dealing with her mother’s death from cancer in 2010.  On Thursday March 3rd, Patricia calls me in tears saying she would have to pull out of the show because her grandmother is passing.

I told her to take care of her family and that everything would be handled here.  I sprang into action and started calling my art family saying, “we have a show in less than 48 hours. The theme is revisiting. What have you got?”

What I got is outstanding work on a moments notice.  I had three works that Patricia had left with me so I opened the gallery with those.  Patricia revisiting her mother’s death by thinking of the tiniest thing that started to manifest in her mother’s body.  A cell. The works are three mono-types called Neoplasm 2.3 and 5.

Neoplasm 2 Monotype By: Patricia Davis



Bruce Henry brings in appropriated photographs from other times.  Revisiting a place and time we may not have ever been to but an idea we may have heard about from friends and family, or seen in a movie.  Thus our ideas of reality are being thrown into an area of revisiting a concept of someone else’s life that we can associate with.

In the piece Simulation #3 Bruce has photographed the ground.  He is revisiting a space, a time, both defined by the area of where he is and by the photograph in the photograph.  He is revisiting and buried…burrying an idea? an emotion? Revisiting an emotion? Digging it back up?  Burrying it and leaving it for good? Or thinking he will leave it?

Simulation #3 By: Bruce Henry

Bruce Henry, Simulation #3

Thinking like Liz Wuestefeld’s mono-types.  Her images of her stoic face being haunted by thoughts, by ideas, by images, all blurry.  Revisiting on the inside. Stoic on the outside. Bruce Henry’s photographs also hint at a chaos that can’t be seen outside of what the camera has captured.  Patricia touches on what can’t be seen with the naked eye as well. Only the destruction it can start to havoc on one’s body.

window 3 By: Liz Weustefeld

Mary Tubbs using nail polish, acrylic paints, matches, china markers, whatever she has that allows her to capture the emotion she feels while revisiting ideas and stories from her past.  Her slight abstracts with faces and colors boldly points out what revisiting has made her feel as she translates it into her work.  Bringing everyday objects and using them in her art.  The idea of keeping the memories or objects in order to revisit them, like in have a heart, valentine, Mary uses old valentines in an obtuse pattern surrounding an obscure face?  The hot pinks and reds with children’s scribbling their names on the valentines. . . revisiting the past or future?

Tony By: Mary Tubbs

Liz works in shades of blacks and grays and tans.  Going from a whisper to an all out black out of emotion. In her piece, cage 3 the black background making the silhouette stick out from the page, with the black spot on the brain, just oozing there.  What is she revisiting that makes her “stick out” and that sits on the brain, slowly running down her face?   The use of reds and blues in Patricia’s work gives you the idea of something that will be devoured.  Raw flesh, blue veins, meaty tissue.  Soon to become host, not to the neoplasm but to the cancer.

I am very pleased with the work the artists have given me to show in the gallery.  The show is set to represent the mind.  How it may revisit memories, here and there. Up and down. Anything but linear.


I encourage everyone to leave thoughts as well on this show!!! Please if you disagree with what I wrote or want to ask questions to the artist please feel free to do so!! I want to encourage an open dialouge with the comunity.  It is my blog so if you are rude or mean or aren’t making any sense I will delete your post!



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  • Patricia Davis says:

    First things first, I want to say thank you to Jamie, Liz, Mary, and Bruce for allowing the show to go on in my absence. My life has taken a turn for the lemon orchard lately, and it has been a blessing to have such pockets of kindness.

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