DCAF? NO, It was full throttle!

March 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

Grace Aberdean participated in the 2nd Annual Druid City Arts Festival last Saturday and what a day!!! I don’t know what the attendance was but we handed out over two hundred business cards! We did have a little rain but luckily we had a “rain plan” and we executed it perfectly thanks to the help of Hunter, Jess and Nik.
It was wonderful to see Chris Davenport, This ol’ thing, Business Bear, Made with hope, Elizabeth Truelove, Alabama Art Kitchen, Casey Williamson (Echolyric Designs,) and some new friends such as Irasema Quezeda Hammock, my friend who makes quilts whose name escapes me and my friend to the left of me whose name escapes me but I will update this blog tomorrow and add thier names,( and the names are Darick Ritter with lumi9 paintings and I think my quilter is named Wellan she works with the honors college at UA please someone feel free to give me all her info!) and everyone else who took the chance and put their work out to the public. Kudos to all the artists for having the guts to do so!
With So many artists out and about with the wonderful muuusic it made for a great Saturday!

Along with a sunburnt neck I met many so many people here in Tuscaloosa and Northport and would just like to say thanks to the community for coming out and showing it’s support. It’s the community that makes events like these successful. Your support brings culture and fun to the city and I really appreciate all the wonderful smiling faces of all ages (Sara Hart and friends and family) that braved the early weather and came out to make the event such a success, and all who all took a turn sitting in the “surprisingly comfortable” shopping cart chair made by Will Holman:)

Thanks for the great weekend Tuscaloosa County!!! Til tomorrow, with updates and photos for all to see!

Hugs and High Fives,


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  • Casey Williamson says:

    woohoo! thanks for the shoutout! it was fabulous seeing you. i’m going to start making a few new things and i will be in touch with you about selling! thank you for being such a huge supporter of the arts and an all around awesome person.

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