A Gift Becomes A Garden

June 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Well as some of you know from my facebook page, I was left with two flats of little plants. Feeling as if someone had left their babies with me in order for me to raise them, I took fast action on what to do. Taking a cue from my friends at DePalma’s, I went and got a watering trough to put some of the little guys in. (Seriously look around DePalma’s. They’re planters are just wonderful!!!)

water trough aka our new planter box

Next we put in two bags of rocks on the bottom for drainage.

rocks for drainage

After that we added our soil. What works really well when planting in planters or really bad dirt is a couple of things. First, if you’re planting in sand or red clay you should add compost and garden soil to the hole you’ve dug in the ground. Second you can water hydro pellets. I got my from the Plant Lady. They are expensive but a little goes A LONG WAY. What they do is absorb water and become REALLY BIG! They then help continuously water you plants. I accidently put too many in my planter and they pushed my plants up and out! I had to take out some of the hydro-pellets and replant my flowers! In my opinion if you want to plant things in un-ideal conditions hydro-pellets are the way to go and I’ve had the bag now for two seasons. It’s worth the one time investment. If using the hydro-pellets put them in the BOTTOM of the soil. You want to encourage the roots to grow down towards the “water.” If you plant them to shallow it may pop your plant out and not allow for a good root structure to get started.

My secrete weapon from The Plant Lady

Filling up the planter box.

Once we got the soil put in we placed our plants to give them plenty of growing space. I put marigolds in for they scare away the bad bugs yet attract the good ones to help out the tomatoes. Just a tip: I got the Marigolds for $0.20 each from Lowes in the discarded plant section off to the side. Most of the plants in that section are fine they just need a little TLC. Be sure to check to make sure the plant isn’t going out of it’s growing season before you purchase it. Basically they put plants over there that don’t look so pretty but are usually fine. Of course, shop with discretion. If the plant is dead don’t buy it….even if it only costs $.20!
Our Planter!

And there it is! Keep your fingers crossed that it will produce some yummy stuff. I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on it’s progress! We took the other plants home and planted them there along with a few in the planter box around the store. I hope to see everyone Thursday at Homegrown Alabama!

Also in case you wondering, we are currently working on getting new merch and furniture ready for fall (that means August) So don’t get discouraged that we are a little plant heavy right now! I can’t help it! It’s summer!


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