“Don’t play no games that I can’t win. .”

July 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

(new beastie boys song feat.santigold check it out!)
Soooo I was going to make a Frittata last week at Homegrown Alabama only to get there and find out they had no eggs!!! Being involved with The Homegrown Alabama Farmer’s Market has really made me aware how sensitive our eco system really is! One farmer said she had no eggs because of the heat and the other said he was having a problem with snakes! After taking a quick inventory of everything the market has to offer I realized that I haven’t used any fruit yet so The Warm Peach Salad was made! I used Peaches, Cantaloupe, basil, goat blue cheese, cherry tomatoes, and olive oil. Mary will post the video this week on The Homegrown Alabama’s You Tube channel but you can go and view the many videos we have posted through my you tube channel. Here you can see interviews we have with the farmer’s and the vendors! I will be posting new videos that include recipes and interviews til the end of July for sure!
This week at Homegrown is the annual BAMA LOVES TOMATOES Festival Be sure to find out what all the hubbub is about!
Til then!

Garden and Grace!


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