Eclectic. Ambitious. Compassionate. Fun.

Grace Aberdean isn’t afraid to try. Isn’t afraid to express herself. Grace loves to keep learning. Loves to teach. Loves to help friends and her community. She wants a comfortable lifestyle. Grace Aberdean loves to travel, loves to read, loves to be frugal.

Grace Aberdean’s mission is to recycle everything she can. She finds vintage furniture and breathes new life into it by reupholstering it for your home. She wants to make your life easier. You want to learn how to garden? She has simple plants and compost. Grace believes it’s important to celebrate art. She highlights artists in her gallery and brings you one of a kind’s for you from her artist friends.

At Grace Aberdean Habitiat Alchemy I make it my mission to give you cutting edge ideas on upcycled items, from reupholstering vintage furniture to handmade goods. It is my goal to help art rule the world and that everyone celebrate their own uniqueness by finding something one of a kind for their home.

I believe in learning, having fun, acting locally and living life with GRACE.


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