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Garden update!

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Sushi in Brooklyn

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“Don’t play no games that I can’t win. .”

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(new beastie boys song feat.santigold check it out!)
Soooo I was going to make a Frittata last week at Homegrown Alabama only to get there and find out they had no eggs!!! Being involved with The Homegrown Alabama Farmer’s Market has really made me aware how sensitive our eco system really is! One farmer said she had no eggs because of the heat and the other said he was having a problem with snakes! After taking a quick inventory of everything the market has to offer I realized that I haven’t used any fruit yet so The Warm Peach Salad was made! I used Peaches, Cantaloupe, basil, goat blue cheese, cherry tomatoes, and olive oil. Mary will post the video this week on The Homegrown Alabama’s You Tube channel but you can go and view the many videos we have posted through my you tube channel. Here you can see interviews we have with the farmer’s and the vendors! I will be posting new videos that include recipes and interviews til the end of July for sure!
This week at Homegrown is the annual BAMA LOVES TOMATOES Festival Be sure to find out what all the hubbub is about!
Til then!

Garden and Grace!

A Gift Becomes A Garden

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Well as some of you know from my facebook page, I was left with two flats of little plants. Feeling as if someone had left their babies with me in order for me to raise them, I took fast action on what to do. Taking a cue from my friends at DePalma’s, I went and got a watering trough to put some of the little guys in. (Seriously look around DePalma’s. They’re planters are just wonderful!!!)

water trough aka our new planter box

Next we put in two bags of rocks on the bottom for drainage.

rocks for drainage

After that we added our soil. What works really well when planting in planters or really bad dirt is a couple of things. First, if you’re planting in sand or red clay you should add compost and garden soil to the hole you’ve dug in the ground. Second you can water hydro pellets. I got my from the Plant Lady. They are expensive but a little goes A LONG WAY. What they do is absorb water and become REALLY BIG! They then help continuously water you plants. I accidently put too many in my planter and they pushed my plants up and out! I had to take out some of the hydro-pellets and replant my flowers! In my opinion if you want to plant things in un-ideal conditions hydro-pellets are the way to go and I’ve had the bag now for two seasons. It’s worth the one time investment. If using the hydro-pellets put them in the BOTTOM of the soil. You want to encourage the roots to grow down towards the “water.” If you plant them to shallow it may pop your plant out and not allow for a good root structure to get started.

My secrete weapon from The Plant Lady

Filling up the planter box.

Once we got the soil put in we placed our plants to give them plenty of growing space. I put marigolds in for they scare away the bad bugs yet attract the good ones to help out the tomatoes. Just a tip: I got the Marigolds for $0.20 each from Lowes in the discarded plant section off to the side. Most of the plants in that section are fine they just need a little TLC. Be sure to check to make sure the plant isn’t going out of it’s growing season before you purchase it. Basically they put plants over there that don’t look so pretty but are usually fine. Of course, shop with discretion. If the plant is dead don’t buy it….even if it only costs $.20!
Our Planter!

And there it is! Keep your fingers crossed that it will produce some yummy stuff. I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on it’s progress! We took the other plants home and planted them there along with a few in the planter box around the store. I hope to see everyone Thursday at Homegrown Alabama!

Also in case you wondering, we are currently working on getting new merch and furniture ready for fall (that means August) So don’t get discouraged that we are a little plant heavy right now! I can’t help it! It’s summer!


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Mary has just finished uploading our lasted video for HOMEGROWN ALABAMA’S FARMER’S MARKET. The market is every Thursday at Canterbury Church on Campus from 3-6 p.m. Our intention is to give ideas of what you can make with the food and products from the Farmer’s Market. Last week we made Spring Rolls with Monica Young. Our video is up at the GRACE ABERDEAN HABITAT ALCHEMY facebook page!

Spring Rolls at Homegrown Alabama

Today we will be making TACO SALAD!!! Tasting is at 4:15! Hope to see everyone there!


Summer With Grace (part one)

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Wine Sleeves. We upcycled old shirts to now shuttle vino to and fro

Our 100% Green Compost made with Green Matter

With no fillers, our compost helps keep plants moist and nourished in the heat

SQUASH ROCKING BEETS! Squash the heat!

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Good news everyone! Our first attempt of bringing you fresh ideas with fresh farmer market foods has been taped, edited and posted!!! Please go to HOMEGROWN ALABAMA orGRACE ABERDEAN HABITAT ALCHEMY to watch the video and to see what’s shaking at our local farmer’s market!!!

Limited Edition Posters being sold at the Store!

Here are a couple more recipes that our friend Brittany found from Cooking Light Magazine. Enjoy!Spinach Salad with beets and oranges and Beet and Goat Cheese Crostini
Remember you can purchase fresh vegtables and goat cheese at our Homegrown Alabama Farmers Market every Thursday at Cantebury Church from 3-6. Special Thanks to Mary Tubbs, Jess Cordes and our friends at Snow’s Bend Farms for this first production!

Happy Eating!!!

JUNE first friday

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Was a huge success!!! Richard Hebert’s show, La Vie Nouvelle, which is cajun for A new life is still up in the gallery. He uses found wood from the April 27th tornado to make sculptures of happiness, stability and growth. Richard also showcases his photography skills in the photos that surround the sculptures. Having lived through Hurricane Katrina, the sudden loss of his father and the April 27th tornado, Richard drew on his heritage to find strength in rebuilding. In the spirit of community and togetherness Richard really wanted a night where people could start to heal.

Sculpture by Richard W. Herbert

Without hesitation I thought to myself, I have to get a brass band to play this place! Nothing says rebuilding like a brass band from New Orleans, so that’s what we did. Brice Miller and the Mahogany Brass Band came up from Nola to play our first friday. In true New Orleans fashion we second lined, drank, talked about destruction from Hurricane Katrina to The April 27 tornado but most of all we laughed and danced and focused on rebuilding and the good times ahead! We gave the tornado one hell of a Jazz funeral!! (A Dirge for those of you more eduacated folks!)
Please check out all the photos and videos at GRACE ABERDEAN HABITAT ALCHEMY

And for tour dates and contact info click here to learn more about Brice Miller,

Sooooo what else is new?

check it out!

Homegrown Alabama T-shirts

Limited Edition Homegrown Alabama Posters

Note Pads by Junkers Daughter

The Cutest lil animals ever! By Irasema

And really bomb bags by I AM THE MANDY. She’s made burlap look functional and chic. The photo of that is on the Facebook page too 🙂

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Stay Hydrated and I hope to see everyone at Homegrown Alabama tomorrow!!!